Live-Videostream Integration

Combine live video and interactive slide sharing to create engaging virtual or hybrid events. Let attendees join from everywhere in the world or from the same room.

No other platform allows you to deliver such a rich presentation experience for your attendees.

Show your slides beside the video stream

Share your slides in real-time side by side to the live video. Attendees will enjoy the crisp slides without the awkward screen sharing. If you allow it, attendees can even navigate back to previous slides, take private notes and download the slides after your presentation.

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Engage your audience with live polling

SlideLizard live polls & quizzes work seamlessly with video sharing, so you can easily add audience interaction to your event to make it even more engaging.

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Let people join from everywhere

It doesn't matter if your attendees are in the same room or on the other side of the world. SlideLizard allows everyone to join and participate in the same way.

Let attendees switch between slides and video

Each participant can choose what he wants to see in the large view: your slides or the video stream. They can even go full screen for a completely distraction-free experience.

Many supported platforms

SlideLizard supports multiple sources for video streaming like YouTube Live and Facebook Live.

Not sure if your preferred streaming service is supported? Get in touch.

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