Live Slide & Document sharing

Share your slides, additional resources and contact details with your audience.

Margarete Durstberger

Margarete Durstberger

Hotel Manager

SlideLizard's slide share feature already saved me hours of tedious work!

Live slide view

During the presentation, your participants can see the slides live as you advance through the presentation.

Precise slide sharing options

Decide when your slides are shared and if attendees can navigate through them on their own.

Your slides as downloadable PDF

Let the participants download your slides as PDF either during or after your presentation.

Perfect your slides in the last minute

One click and all the changes on your slides are published. No more stressful last minute uploading.

Your contact details & documents

Provide your audience with all relevant documents, resources, links and your contact information.

Collect E-Mail addresses

Require you attendee's E-Mail address to view selected documents.

Restrict access time

Let participants view selected documents like your presentation summary only after your presentation.

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