Data Security

We value your privacy


Secure Communication

All data for presenters and attendees of SlideLizard is transferred securely over HTTPS connections. This means, that the data is encrypted and nobody except the real recipient can read it.

Data saved in Europe

All data of SlideLizard stays within Europe. We operate in two data centers, one in Germany and one in the Netherlands. We offer the possibility to use your own servers to run SlideLizard for your company.

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GDPR compliant

SlideLizard complies a 100% with the GDPR of the EU. To ensure you can safely collect data of your audience, you can set a customized checkbox before attendees enter any private data.

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Europe only data storage

SlideLizard operates in data centers in two different locations:

Germany (Hetzner Online)
Audience interaction data (like polls, questions, feedback) is stored in on our own servers in Germany. Nobody else has access to them.

Netherlands (Azure Cloud)
If you choose to share your slides, an image of each slide and a PDF with all slides (if you enable sharing) is additionally saved in the Microsoft Azure Cloud located in Amsterdam.

Furthermore, all data centers are ISO 27001 certified, which ensures maximum privacy and security for you.

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Use your own servers

For maximum privacy and control we offer you to either save parts of SlideLizard data on your servers or completely operate SlideLizard in your own infrastructure. These options are available:

Store slide data on your servers
If you enable slide sharing, an image of each slide and a optionally a PDF is saved in your data center. Therefore you have full control over these files.

Store all data on your servers
To ensure even more privacy you can operate SlideLizard completely in your own data center. The entire interaction data (like polls, questions and feedback) as well as all slide data is stored securely within your infrastructure. No data is shared with the outside, you are in full control of everything.

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