Audience live Polling & Wordclouds

Engage your audience with live polls during your presentation. Pre-define polls, start them at specific slides and directly include the results on your slides. With the seamless PowerPoint integration it's as easy as it gets for you to setup your interactive presentation.

Michael Reiter

Michael Reiter

Speaker & Facebook Certified Professional

Live polls in my presentations are the perfect way to interact with my audience and to make real-time surveys or votings. Awesome!

Single and multiple-choice questions

Let your participants choose either one or multiple answers in your votings.

Open ended text answers & Wordclouds

Ask open questions to let your attendees respond with text. Display the results as a beautiful wordcloud in your presentation.

Trigger your poll on a slide

Automatically start your poll when you reach a specific slide in your presentation. Optionally add a start delay and a countdown for automatically finishing it.

Embed results in your slides

Directly include poll results in your normal PowerPoint slides. SlideLizard uses smart placeholders therefore, you can continue to design your slide as you like, and even add animations.

Limit the time

Enable a countdown to give participants a certain time frame in which they have to choose their answer. Perfect for large audiences to ensure your polls don't take too long.

Show the results to your audience

Project the results of your polls directly over your slides, so everyone can see the outcome of the voting.

Keep an eye on the results

See the results live as the votes come in and decide if you want to show them to the audience or not.

Spontaneous live voting

Create spontaneous live polls during your presentations directly in PowerPoint.

Custom images and emojis

Visualize your answers with your own images or well-known emojis.

Custom branding

Make SlideLizard look like your own app. Customize colors, fonts and texts for your event or company.

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Integrate remote participants

Whether on-site or in a conference call via Skype - let all attendees participate in democratic decisions - completely without chaos.

Multilingual polls

Define questions & answers in different languages so that every participant completely understands the text.

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Anonymous & identified votings

See which participant voted for which option, or make a poll completely anonymous. Ideal for legally required vote documentation in board decisions.

Data export

Save results as raw data for processing in Microsoft Excel, or put them as graphics into Word or any other documentation software.

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