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Jakob Mayer

Managing Director
Software development, Sales, Finance, Legal

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Daniel Amerbauer

Managing Director
Marketing, Design, Product Management

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Raphael Mayr

Head of Sales


Johanna Deger

Sales Representative


Felix Kastner

Customer Success Manager


Nermin Malanovic

Software Engineer

Johanna Gumpelmeyer

Marketing & Design

Leticia Schörgendorfer

Marketing & Design

Romana Lechner

Management assistance

Hannah Mörth

Software Engineer

Maximilian Wahl

Software Engineer

Julia König

Software Engineer

Advisory Board

Florian Schnitzhofer

Managing Director @ Reqpool Group

Christian Buchegger

Head of Sales @ Reqpool


Hubert Preisinger

Business Consultant

Johannes Skrivanek

Managing Partner @ SILVERMAN&BAER

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