PowerPoint Plugin

SlideLizard is directly integrated in Microsoft PowerPoint. No need to learn a new presentation software.

Hubert Preisinger

Hubert Preisinger

Business Consultant

SlideLizard is like a supercharge for PowerPoint. I love the seamless integration!

PowerPoint Plugin

SlideLizard seamlessly integrates in PowerPoint, so you do not need any external software.

Works with existing presentations

All the presentations you've already created in PowerPoint are also compatible with SlideLizard.

Extended presenter view

During the presentation you can access incoming questions and conduct polls without leaving PowerPoint.

No annoying switching

No more switching between your PowerPoint presentation and an interaction tool during your talk. With SlideLizard you stay within PowerPoint the whole time and control your polls or Q&A conveniently in the presenter view on your second screen.

No app required

Participants don't need to install an app, anyone can participate by entering the Participation-Link in their browser. No matter if it's a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Easy company rollout

Install the SlideLizard Add-On only for employees who want to prepare or give interactive presentations. You don't have to buy SlideLizard for every PowerPoint user in your organization.

Custom branding

Make SlideLizard look like your own app. Customize colors, fonts and texts for your event or company.

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