Trainings & Workshops

Foster learning and knowledge transfer and easily collect feedback.

Engage & Interact with your Audience

Kick off your training or workshop with an icebreaker poll, start a discussion, or find out how much prior knowledge your participants already have. Learn more

Share your Slides live and as PDF

Share your presentation slides live with your attendees and let them go back to view previous slides. Learn more

Share Documents and additional Resources

Attach further reading resources, videos, documents and interesting links to give your participants all the learning material they need. Access to documents like your Handout can be locked until the end of your presentation. Learn more

Source the best Questions from your Audience

Often the best and most important questions don't come up because participants are too afraid to ask. With SlideLizard they can ask questions hassle-free and completely anonymous. Learn more

PowerPoint Integration

As trainer you don't need to learn a new presentation software, because SlideLizard seamlessly integrates in PowerPoint and works with all your existing PowerPoint presentations. Learn more

Save time in Feedback collection

The cumbersome preparation, collection and evaluation of feedback questionnaires is over. Improve your trainings by collecting feedback with SlideLizard and get detailed reports afterwards. Learn more

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