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Product description

Please note that the correct spelling of our product is 'SlideLizard'.

SlideLizard is a PowerPoint Plugin, which lets presenters interact with their audience. Participants join the presentation with a unique presentation URL and can access your slides and shared resources, but as well ask questions, vote in live polls and give feedback.
The direct integration in PowerPoint makes SlideLizard as convenient as it can be. Sharing your slide deck is as simple as one click, and during the presentation you can observe incoming questions and conduct polls without leaving PowerPoint a single time. After the presentation you'll get the collected email addresses and detailed analytics of your audience, e.g. which of your slides they viewed, how often and how long.


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The SlideLizard-Story

It all starts with one question

It all started with the recurring annoying problem: How do you get to the slides of the lecturers at events?
The idea of digital support for PowerPoint was the start of our diploma thesis project at our school. The concept quickly met approval and was awarded first place in a nationwide project award. Proud prize money: 500,- Euro!
Even if we sometimes struggled during the start-up phase - one thing was always clear to our young founding team of SlideLizard: This idea must and will prevail!

Slide... What?

Even a name was quickly found: SlideLizard, the lizard that can turn from slide to slide with its long tongue (like the pages in a book). By the way, the lizard was inspired by RANGO, the cool chameleon from the western animation.


After this initial success came months and years of euphoria but also setbacks. For example, the great opportunity of a cooperation with Windows Phone, which - despite nights of programming work in addition to community service - in the end vanished into thin air. A serious comedown. But to think about quitting, the idea was simply far too cool.

All-in-one device or innovative tool?

The first workplace we shared was an abandoned medical practice, where we tinkered behind the door sign of a doctor's practice - and almost gave up while searching for the miracle 'SlideLizard' with thousands of features.
During the crises, a meeting brought the turnaround: With new momentum and more business orientation, the path towards our own company was taken.


A decisive step was the „base.foundersweek“, a summer school at the JKU for startup- founders. We worked for a week on business topics and got all the motivation we needed, to change SlideLizard from a hobby to our profession.
On 10.10.2017 the time had come: SlideLizard was registered as a company and since then the dedicated founding team has been doing what many can only dream of.

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