How to use SlideLizard for remote meetings

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Interactive Quizzes

Ideal for checking what your students can remember at the beginning or at the end of your class. The result can be shown directly in your PowerPoint slides.

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Let your class respond online in live polls

Boost your engagement by conducting polls during your class. Create them in advance or make one spontaneously while presenting with our quick-poll feature. With one click, you can show the result to the whole classroom.

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Crowdsource the best questions

Conduct interactive Q&A sessions with a large number of students. No hassling with microphones or withheld questions.

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Get honest feedback

With SlideLizard's student response app collecting feedback from your class is as easy as it gets.

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Private slide notes

Let your students take digital notes on each slide and mark their most important ones. After the presentation they get their notes and starred slides via E-Mail, including a direct link to the PDF of your slides (if you enable to share it).

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Seamless PowerPoint integration

SlideLizard neatly integrates into your existing PowerPoint presentations. There's no annoying switching between your slides and an external audience response software.

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Scientifically proven method

by an independent study at Keele University

Better learning experience

94% of study participants agreed that polling and quizzes significantly improved their learning experience - the number rose to even 100% in the second phase.

Higher success

Study participants who engaged in live polls and quizzes saw a 3.7% increase in exam grades while also reducing failure rates by 4.4% across the whole academic year compared to the previous period.

Participants love it

The results of the study clearly show that participants gained a lot of value from incorporating interactive elements. 96% say that they really want to continue using it in the future.

The more interaction, the better

In summary, it can be said that interactive surveys and quizzes have been shown to greatly increase learning success and memory during presentations and lessons. With SlideLizard you can easily implement this in your own lectures, trainings or lessons starting today!

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Your Benefits

This is why presenters already love SlideLizard

Save time and money

Save time and money

Sending out slides, collecting feedback, all that usually costs a lot of time. With SlideLizard this is done within seconds!

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Raise attention in your audience

Increase attention

Interactive polls keep your presentation interesting and your audience listening until the end!

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Improve communication of your content

Better communicate content

By automatically sharing your slides and additional content, your audience has all information in one place.

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Make a memorable impression in your audience

Make a lasting impression

Are you innovative? Then show it to your customers and impress them by using a modern tool like SlideLizard.

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Improve your presentations skills

Improve yourself

Audience feedback via SlideLizard helps you enhancing your presentation skills to become better over time.

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Set up new lead contacts

Generate leads

Get to know your audience. See who joined your presentation, they may be your new customers!

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Already used by

voestalpineReichl und PartnerDB SchenkerRedbullFilmFernsehFonds BayernNetcom AGKepler SocietyLeap ForwardKIWANISChatvisor
Case-Study with voestalpine

And hundreds of independent speakers worldwide!

Helmut Raml

Helmut Raml

Managing Director @ Reichl und Partner (Ad Agency)

The direct interaction with the audience and the seamless integration of the PowerPoint presentation convinced us to use SlideLizard.

Michael Reiter

Michael Reiter

Speaker & Facebook Certified Professional

Live polls in my presentations are the perfect way to interact with my audience and to make real-time surveys or votings. Awesome!

Wolfgang Strasser

Wolfgang Strasser

Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional)

With large audiences I often saw people withholding their questions because they didn't want to speak out loud - since I use SlideLizard this is no problem anymore!

Hubert Preisinger

Hubert Preisinger

Business Consultant & University Lecturer

At the end of my lessons I use SlideLizard to make short quizzes to see how much my students remember. They really like it because it's entertaining and prepares them for the finals.

Margarete Durstberger

Margarete Durstberger

Hotel Manager

SlideLizard's slide share feature already saved me hours of tedious work!

Graham Jones (@grahamjones)

Graham Jones (@grahamjones)

Psychologist, professional speaker and author

About to speak at a conference where I will be using @SlideLizard. It is by far the best audience interaction tool I have used. (via Twitter)

Manfred Durstberger

Manfred Durstberger

Managing Director

I often recommend videos and books in my presentations. With SlideLizard this is as convenient as it gets for me, but also for the people watching!

Rebecca Hofbauer

Rebecca Hofbauer


Since I get regular feedback from my students on SlideLizard, I'm finally able to adjust my lessons to the better each week!

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