Attendee Notes & Stars

Isn't it weird, that one of the few places people still use pen & paper are presentations? With SlideLizard your attendees can take digital notes directly on their smartphone during your presentation. Moreover, they can star their most interesting slides to review them later on.

Hubert Preisinger

Hubert Preisinger

University Professor

Before my students wrote their notes in Word, but they never knew which notes belong to which slides (usually I have more than 120!). Now they can seamlessly take notes which stay linked to the slides. Overall, SlideLizard was a game changer for my lectures!

Private notes

Your participants can write their notes directly in SlideLizard, linked to the slide that they are viewing as they are typing. At the end of your presentation they get all their notes via E-Mail, along with a PDF of the slides (if you enable to share it).

Mark the most important slides

Let your attendees star the slides which are most important to them, so they can easily review them later on. Once your presentation has finished, participants get an E-Mail with their marked slides, along with the PDF of all slides (if you enable to share it).

Everything in one E-Mail

After the session participants get a super handy summary E-Mail with all their private notes and marked slides. If you chose to share your slides as PDF, the E-Mail contains the direct download link as well.

Cut costs by reducing paper

If nothing else, at least remove the cost of supplying pen and paper for all your attendees, and spend your money more efficiently. Not to mention, the work involved in putting them out in the morning, and picking 90% of them up at the end of the day. And the environment will thank you too. The world has gone digital – people expect presentations to be the same.

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