Engage your audience and collect the E-Mail addresses of your participants.

Engage & Interact with your Audience

Start your presentation with an icebreaker poll, take the opportunity to do a quick poll or find out how much prior knowledge your attendees already have. Learn more

Source the best Questions from your Audience

In a large audience, participants are often to shy to ask questions. With SlideLizard they can ask questions hassle-free and completely anonymous. Learn more

Stay in Touch

Share your contact details to allow your participants to easily contact you even after a week after your presentation. Learn more

Generate Leads & Market your Products

See who took part in your presentation and collect the E-Mail addresses of your participants to promote your next talk or to market your own products by E-Mail. Learn more

Improve yourself with Feedback

With a large audience it's almost impossible to collect personal feedback. With SlideLizard collecting feedback is as easy as it gets! Learn more

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