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Collect E-Mail addresses and insights about your audience

See who participated

Find out details like name, E-Mail and company of the people who attended your presentation.

Send an E-Mail to all attendees

Message your participants e.g. to upsell your upcoming presentations or workshops.

Collect E-Mail addresses

Require an attendee's E-Mail address to download your slides or open your shared documents.

Export to your marketing tools

Export the E-Mail addresses of your participants to your marketing automation tools like MailChimp and SendGrid.

SlideLizard export to MailChimp, SendGrid, CampaignMonitor, Microsoft Excel and CSV

Full data export

Export poll results, questions, feedbacks and the attendee list of all your presentations as CSV files.

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Live PollsSlides & DocumentsQuestionsPowerPoint PluginAudience FeedbackAnalytics

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