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Successful events despite Covid-19

Live events despite Covid-19

Are you responsible for organizing an event and you want to make it entertaining and memorable? Is it going to be an online- or hybrid-event und you do not have a clear vision on how to do it?

With Slidelizard functionalities and our experienced team, we solve these problems together with you. We have supported several customers in making events a total success, regardless of whether it was an online-, hybrid- or face-to-face-event.

Anonymous Q&A-function: generate more questions from the audience, gain a better understanding of your attendees

With Slidelizard’s Q&A-function, the audience can ask questions/make comments anonymously. The reluctance of participants to ask critical questions is thereby eliminated. Consequently, the presenter knows what’s going on in the minds of the participants. The audience has the possibility to make critical comments without bad consequences and the organizers are appreciated by the whole organization. WIN-WIN-WIN!

One of our customers, a big Austrian logistics company, has made the experience that the last couple of years, a maximum of 10 questions were asked at their management conferences. By using Slidelizard the number rose to over 100! Naturally, not all questions could be answered, but Slidelizard has you covered in that regard as well: Questions are saved and can be answered afterwards.

Live-Polls: engage the audience, increase attention and get real-time opinions

Online events can be somewhat monotonous. There are dry topics which simply have to be worked through. The attention of the audience is decreasing, and the speaker gets to feel that. Therefore, it is essential to bring interactive elements into the mix. Especially with online- and hybrid-events, the audience must be included and entertained.

Slidelizard’s functionalities, such as Live-Polls and Quiz-Competitions, dramatically increase interaction between presenters and audience. You can test the audience’s prior knowledge and/or get a feeling for what the audience thinks about certain topics. Quiz-Competitions can be implemented as fun elements to loosen up the event. That way it is easy for the audience to stay attentive (even online).

With the help of Slidelizard, another customer, a large German bank, implemented several Live-Polls concerning the company’s strategies, which were answered by roughly 400 managers with-in seconds. The C-suite immediately gained understanding for where the middle management stands and was able to react to that. Our software stores those answers and provides detailed reporting.

In case the conference is done online or hybrid, make it successful anyways

Larger events are often a No-go in times of Covid-19. Organizers often have no experience in that area and are lacking a clear vision on how to make the online/hybrid conference a success. Furthermore, the C-suite and the middle management are skeptical, whether the desired effects can be achieved.

We at Slidelizard have already consulted many companies in that regard. Concepts on how to set up the conference online/hybrid have been developed together. Prior to the event, we will organize test runs together with you. And on the day of the event, we will be on-site, to ensure a smooth technical execution and prevent any technical problems. Furthermore, Slidelizard enables you to combine a live-video-stream (e.g. Youtube) and presentation slides in real time. At the end of the day, presenters and audience appreciate the entertaining and innovative presentation experience, and the organizers are seen as flexible problem solvers.

What you get with Slidelizard


Slidelizard is the perfect tool for events. Interactive elements, an entertaining presentation experience and a competent team ensure a high-quality conference, regardless of whether it is held as an online-, hybrid- or face-to-face-event.

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And thousands of independent speakers worldwide!

Stefan Kurz

Site Manager & Part Owner Driving School Zebra

SlideLizard has become indispensable for us. The quizzes make the theory courses much more exciting for the students while we teachers can identify areas in which further leassons are required. As a result, our students have much more theory knowledge at their fingertips during the driving lessons. We can only recommend SlideLizard!

Stefan Lindlbauer

Stefan Lindlbauer

Head of Marketing/Communications @ DB Schenker Austria

With the help of SlideLizard, we conducted our management conference completely online for the first time. The SlideLizard team advised us in advance and then also supported us professionally during the event. The participants were excited!

Helmut Raml

Helmut Raml

Managing Director @ Reichl und Partner (Ad Agency)

The direct interaction with the audience and the seamless integration of the PowerPoint presentation convinced us to use SlideLizard.

Eric Postler

Eric Postler

Managing Partner @ Substring

We used SlideLizard's live polls at our startup event. It allowed us to learn in real time which investors were interested in which startups and connect them afterwards. The event was a huge success!

Jan Weigert


SlideLizard is a very useful tool for teaching, and is well received by all participants!!!! Or as my students put it, SlideLizard makes teaching fun and never boring!

Astrid Reischl

Head of HR @ Felbermayr

I was looking for a live polling tool that was straightforward, quick to deploy and intuitive to use, and on the other hand, easy for our participants to understand. I found SlideLizard - the PowerPoint add-in is super easy to use and has taken our presentations to the next level. The support is fast, personal and professional - just great! I can recommend SlideLizard to everybody!

Michael Reiter

Michael Reiter

Speaker & Facebook Certified Professional

Live polls in my presentations are the perfect way to interact with my audience and to make real-time surveys or votings. Awesome!

Wolfgang Strasser

Wolfgang Strasser

Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional)

With large audiences I often saw people withholding their questions because they didn't want to speak out loud - since I use SlideLizard this is no problem anymore!

Hubert Preisinger

Hubert Preisinger

Business Consultant & University Lecturer

At the end of my lessons I use SlideLizard to make short quizzes to see how much my students remember. They really like it because it's entertaining and prepares them for the finals.

Margarete Durstberger

Margarete Durstberger

Hotel Manager

SlideLizard's slide share feature already saved me hours of tedious work!

Graham Jones (@grahamjones)

Graham Jones (@grahamjones)

Psychologist, professional speaker and author

About to speak at a conference where I will be using @SlideLizard. It is by far the best audience interaction tool I have used. pic.twitter.com/suD3f20L2E (via Twitter)

Manfred Durstberger

Manfred Durstberger

Managing Director

I often recommend videos and books in my presentations. With SlideLizard this is as convenient as it gets for me, but also for the people watching!

Rebecca Hofbauer

Rebecca Hofbauer


Since I get regular feedback from my students on SlideLizard, I'm finally able to adjust my lessons to the better each week!

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