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We all love a night in watching our favourite quiz show, feeling super clever about every answer we know. But have you ever wondered how you would handle being a quiz show contestant? Well, with our free "Who wants to be a Millionaire" (WWTBAM) game template for PowerPoint you can finally find out!

Full Game experience

We reconstructed the original look and feel of "Who wants to be a millionaire" to make it as realistic as possibly possible. The PowerPoint template is designed to look like the screens in the show and even animates neatly. The cherry on top are the sound effects, which are also original and will get you in that perfectly focused quiz mood. Here you can see the result when you start the presentation (be sure to turn up the volume!):

Free Download

Here you can download the blank PowerPoint template:

Audience participation with smartphone

By downloading our template, you are pretty much ready to go. You can use the template as it is and just let the "contestants" shout out their answers. But especially when there's more than one participant we recommend playing the game with an interactive polling tool like SlideLizard , where your attendees can vote for the right answer with their phones. SlideLizard is directly integrated in PowerPoint, so it works perfectly with the template.

Attendees answer the Quiz questions live on their smartphones with SlideLizard

Sound Effects

The template comes with cool original sound effects from the show, which every fan will immediately recognize and make you feel like you are a live participant. All effects are configured to start automatically on each slide. However, if don't want them, you can easily remove them entirely or use other sounds which are more to your liking.

Deactivate Sound

If you do not want to do the quiz with the music (or if you'd like other music), you can

Use different sound effects

Here's a list of additional original sounds:

Quiz Question Ideas

If you don't feel like making up your own questions, that's not a problem! In a recent blog post we listed 50 great quiz ideas that you can simply add to our Who wants to be a Millionaire template to make the game even more fun: Creative Quiz Questions Ideas

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