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A wedding quiz provides a lively atmosphere and the best entertainment. A quiz is ideal to lighten the mood of the guests. To get even introverted guests involved, a funny quiz can break the ice between the guests.

With our 5 ideas for fun wedding quizzes, your wedding celebration will become a complete success. We have summarised the best quiz ideas for a successful wedding for you.

1. Wedding Pub Quiz

The Wedding Pub Quiz tests how well the bride and groom know each other with questions such as "What is the bride's favourite food?" or "How often has the the bride and groom travelled together? But instead of asking the bride and groom you can turn the tables and ask the wedding guests the questions. This way, all the wedding guests are involved in the game and can prove how well they know the couple.

How to:
The best way to do this is with SlideLizard, which allows quiz participants to vote from their smartphones. A QR code on each guest table is enough to let the guests quickly and easily connect to the quiz. Then the quiz fun can already begin. Read more about interactive quiz competitions with SlideLizard here.

So that each guest does not play alone, it is suitable to have the guests on one table play as a team against the other tables. This way the guests get to know each other better and they can share their experiences with the wedding couple.

SlideLizard Wedding Quiz

Questions for the guests: Wedding Pub Quiz

For example, these questions are suitable for a wedding pub quiz:

2. Guessing quiz with the guests

This wedding game is not only fun, but also involves the wedding guests. And the best thing about it - the guessing game can played quickly without much preparation. All you need to do is print out a few A4 sheets questions or, for a more personal touch, write the questions down by hand.

How to:
Prepare about 10 statements that some of the guests might have in common and write them down in large letters on A4 paper. One after the other statement is put up, so that the guests can read the statements. If the statement is true for someone, this particular guest stands up. Now the bride and groom have to guess what the standing guests have in common. A good way to warm up is to ask questions such as "Everyone who went to school with the bride and groom" should stand up. As the game progresses, the tasks can be made more difficult to make the game not too easy for the bridal couple.
Wedding Bouquet Tip:
Personal rather than general statements are particularly good, because they make the game even more fun. Because of that, the guessing game should be prepared by friends who know most of the guests.

Questions for the guests: Guessing quiz

Here are a few examples of the guessing game with guests:

3. Wedding Bingo

Wedding bingo is another great game for weddings. The aim is the same as regular bingo, the first person to fill in a row on their bingo card wins the game. Wedding bingo is an ideal icebreaker and even former unknown guests get to know each other. In addition, the game requires few resources in preparation. There are numerous templates to download, which only need to be printed out.

Wedding Table for guests

A particularly fun wedding bingo is "Find a guest who...". Here the bingo participants are asked to find guests with different characteristics at the wedding. For example, the following guests can be searched for:

Tasks for the guests: Wedding Bingo

We've put together some free wedding bingo templates here:

Template Download Language
Playful template from »MyPrintCard Magazin« here for free German
Floral template from »Abenteuer Freundschaft« here for free German
Illustrated template from »PA Unveiled« here for free German and English

4. Who wants to be a Millionaire Quiz

The well-known "Who wants to be a Millionaire Quiz" is also suitable as a wedding game. Just like on TV, questions are asked with four possible answers. The questions can either be wedding-related or personal questions about the bride and groom. For the perfect "Who wants to be a Millionaire" experience, it is suitable to use a PowerPoint presentation with the questions. The »Who wants to be a millionaire« SlideLizard Template with the graphics and sound effects from the original, can be downloaded here free of charge.

Here you can download the template:

How to:

To prepare the quiz, you then only need to choose a moderator to ask the questions. If you do not want to ask personal questions about the bride and groom, you can find 50 creative quiz questions here, that are also suitable for "Who wants to be a Millionaire". At the wedding, the PowerPoint presentation is started and the quiz can begin. The quiz participants can connect to the quiz with their smartphone, so every guest can play it.

Questions for the guests: Who wants to be a Millionaire

If you want to ask quiz questions with a wedding relation, the following questions are suitable:

What is thrown at the bride and groom after the wedding ceremony?
Which flower represents the symbol of love?
Which anniversary is celebrated after 25 years of marriage?
Whoever catches the bridal bouquet …
After how many years of marriage do you celebrate an Iron Wedding?
What lucky charm do you tie to the car after the wedding?
In which month are most marriages celebrated?
What is the name of the lovers in Titanic?
How high is St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna?
How many marriages were celebrated in Austria in 2020?

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