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When giving a presentation in english, there are certain guidelines you should follow. Maybe you haven't got a lot of experience presenting - or you would simply like to refresh your already existing knowledge - we're here to teach you the basics about presenting and provide you with a free list of useful phrases and the basic structure you can in your presentation!

1. Structure

The general structure of a presentation is the following:

It is up to you to design these three parts. Using videos or everyday-examples can be a great way to introduce the audience to the topic. The important thing is that you capture the audience's attention from the beginning by making an interesting introduction. The main part is where you present your topic, ideally divided into sections. You can be creative with it - incorporate images, videos, stories or interactive polls. We generally recommend using different kinds of elements, as that makes the presentation more lively. Make sure your main part is well structured, so your audience can follow. In the conclusion, you should give a short summary of the points you made without adding any new information. You can also make an appeal to your audience in the end.

2. Useful Phrases

Here you'll find several phrases that you'll need in every presentation. Of course, you should adapt them and use them in a context that is suitable for your setting. The phrases are divided into subcategories so you can find what you're looking for more easily.

Starting your Presentation

In your introduction, you should:

  1. Welcome your audience

    Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!

    Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to my presentation about...

  2. Introduce yourself

    I am ... (from company ...) and today I would like to introduce you to the topic of ...

    My name is ... and I am going to talk about ... today.

  3. Icebreakers (for audience engagement)

    Icebreaker polls are an amazing way to engage your audience instantly. They function as a fun and playful element at the beginning, giving you the perfect start you need to give a successful presentation. Click here to read our detailed post about icebreaker polls!

  4. Mention the presentation topic and the reason for giving the presentation

    I am grateful to be here today and tell you you about...

    I would like to take this opportunity to talk about ...

    I am here today to talk to you about ...

    The reason why I am here today to talk about ... is ...

    The purpose of this presentation is to ...

    My goal today is to ...

    Hopefully, by the end of the presentation, you will all know more about ...

  5. Give a short overview of the content

    To make it as understandable as possible, I divided my presentation into ... parts. In the first part, I will concentrate on ..., the second part will be about ..., ...

    First of all, I will give you a short introduction, then we will move on to ...

    ... and finally, I will give you some insights to ...

Main Part

Here are a few phrases that you could use during the whole presentation, but especially in the main part.

End of Presentation

In the conclusion, you should...

  1. Sum up the main points

    In conclusion I can say that…

    To sum up the main points,…

    With all mentioned aspects taken into consideration, I can say that…

  2. Make an appeal

    So please, in the future, try to be conscious about...

    Please take a moment to think about...

    I would like to encourage you to...

  3. Thank your audience and say goodbye

    It was a pleasure being here today.

    Thank you for listening and goodbye.

    Thank you for being such a great, engaged audience. Goodbye.

    Thank you so much for listening, see you next time.


What is the structure of a presentation?

Your presentations should always have an Introduction, a Main part and a Conclusion.

What is a good way to begin a presentation?

You can start by introducing yourself, giving an overview of your topic, telling a little story or showing the audience an introductory video or image.

What are good phrases to use in English presentations?

There are many phrases that will make your presentation a lot more professional. Our blog post gives you a detailed overview.

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