The Best 17 Poll Questions for breaking the Ice

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Live polls are an ideal way to make a rousing start to your presentation or meeting, and to get your attendees' attention right from the beginning. Of course it is not always easy to create a suitable poll. That's why we've collected the best poll ideas and helpful tips for you to get started!

Tips for your first icebreaker poll

Ready to conduct a poll? Choose from these four types of icebreaker polls and get started:

Funny Icebreaker poll questions to loosen up

Lighten your audience’s mood and start with a positive first impression.

If you could choose any age, to stay in for the rest of your life, which would it be?

If you could travel in time, what would you want to see?

Have you ever…

Informative icebreaker poll questions

Get to know your participants better and adapt your presentation accordingly.

Which languages do you speak? (multiple-choice)

What’s your level of understanding of the topic?

What is your current role?

How old are you?

Which technology trend will have the greatest impact on our industry over the next year?

How did you get here?

How are you feeling?

Describe your mood today

Why did you decide to join this event today?

Communicative icebreaker polls

Take the chance to get your participants, of small as well as large groups, in touch witch each other, for example in preparation for a workshop.

I’d like to meet someone from…

I know…

Create a poll to find out how well your participants already know each other. After that, according to the outcome of your poll, ask them to get to know each other.

Introductory icebreaker polls

Use live polls to introduce yourself or your company in a fun and engaging way. Prepare a few true statements about yourself, add some lies, then let your participants vote for the answer they believe to be true.

Which statement is true?

Which statement is true?

If you want to speed things up, you can rephrase the question like this:
Which of the following statements are true? (multiple-choice)

SlideLizard Templates

But wait! There is no need to remember all the cool poll ideas. SlideLizard is the best tool to conduct interactive surveys in your presentation. Moreover, it has already a lot of useful poll templates directly built in. Try SlideLizard for free.
Here is how you can use them in your presentations:

  1. In the SlideLizard Plugin click on Polls in the menu
  2. Click on Create from Template
  3. Choose one of the templates
  4. Optionally adapt the question or the answers to your presentation

About the author

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Having realized the unexploited potential of many presentations of these days, Christoph, Co-Founder and CIO of SlideLizard, especially uses his skills in logic an algorithms for a solution.

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