Embed poll results, Quizzes & Attendee notes: SlideLizard 2.0 Update

06.02.20  •  #NewRelease


The biggest update of SlideLizard brings you some long awaited new features:

Poll slides

Create a poll like usual and then click in the SlideLizard-Tab on Insert Poll Slide. This inserts 2 new slides:

This allows you to plan when you want to conduct your polls and when you want to show the results!

Quiz Competitions

Test your audience's knowledge in live Quiz competitions! Set a correct answer and see how many of your participants knew the right answer. Perfect for trivia nights, "Who wants to be a Millionaire" games, student competitions and checking what attendees can remember at the end of your workshop.

Attendee note taking

Isn't it weird, that one of the few places people still use pen & paper are presentations? With SlideLizard your attendees can take digital notes directly on their smartphone during your presentation. Moreover, they can star their most interesting slides to review them later on. After the presentation, all attendees get their private notes and a PDF of your slides sent via E-Mail.


To update the SlideLizard PowerPoint Add-In, just open PowerPoint and you'll get an update dialog.
Don't have it installed yet? Download it here.

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Daniel Amerbauer

Daniel is the Co-founder and CEO of SlideLizard. Perfectionist by nature, but also a passionate designer and developer.

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