Distributed Audience

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Definition and meaning

A Distributed Audience means that the audience you are trying to reach is spread over long distances.


SlideLizard allows attendees to watch your presentation from any location in the world using a smartphone. Your audience can ask questions anonymously and provide honest feedback to the presenter.

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Other glossary terms

Formal Communication

formal communication should be used for speeches or at work

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A pitch is a short presentation that is given with the intention of persuading someone (a person or company) to buy or invest. There are various forms of pitches, depending on the goal and intended outcome.

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Slide Layouts

PowerPoint has different types of Slide Layouts. Depending on which type of presentation you make, you will use more or less different slide layouts. Some Slide Types are: title slides, section heading slides, picture with caption slides, blank slides.

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Internal Summary

Internal summary means to remind listeners about the major points which were already presented in a speech before coming to new ideas.

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