How to use SlideLizard for remote Meetings & Presentations

With SlideLizard you can engage your audience in meetings or presentations even when all participants are attending remotely. SlideLizard allows your participants to be included in decisions via live polls, ask questions (which avoids interruptions) and give you anonymous feedback in the end. Moreover, SlideLizard keeps everyone on the same page with synchronised slide sharing and enables you to share additional links & documents with every attendee.

Even if you are not the same room, SlideLizard gives you the tools to deliver powerful presentations to a digitally connected audience.

Step by step guide

Setup your SlideLizard presentation

Download SlideLizard and connect your PowerPoint presentation. Activate slide sharing and add interactive polls. You also may want to share additional documents & resources.

Setup your preferred video conference platform

You can use SlideLizard with any video conferencing or screen sharing tool you want.

If you don't use one yet, we recommend Zoom.

Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype, Google Hangouts, Webex, Mircosoft Teams, Slack

Connect a second screen

SlideLizard needs two screens while you are presenting. One for showing your slides, and the second for the SlideLizard Presenter View (which you use to control the interactive elements).

Start the SlideLizard presentation

In the SlideLizard-Tab in PowerPoint click on the Start Presentation button. Ensure that your slides are synced (you'll see a warning in the start dialog if it's not the case) and choose if you want to allow attendees to ask questions and give feedback. Then click on Start Presentation

Start video conference & share your screen

Use your video conferencing software to start a session and choose to share the screen showing your slides. This allows your attendees to see the poll results (they are inserted into your presentation) as well as any animations or videos you have on your slides (the slides shared with SlideLizard are only static).

Tips & Tricks

  • You can send messages to all attendees directly via SlideLizard (e.g. in the beginning to ensure everyone is clicking on the included video session link).

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