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Which operating systems and PowerPoint versions are supported?

Currently we support Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 as operating systems. Supported PowerPoint versions are: 2010-2019.

What’s the difference between the Presentation Code and password?

The Presentation Code connects the audience to the presentation. It is entered at The presenter may choose a password to pretect his presentation further. It has to be entered after the Presentation Code.

How long can I use the Presentation Code to join to a presentation?

The Presentation Code is only valid during a presentation and a few minutes after it has finished. If you still want to connect to a presentation later, you need to ask an attendee to share the URL of the presentation with you (by copying the URL in a browser).

How can I uninstall SlideLizard?

You can uninstall SlideLizard like any normal Windows Software in 'Programs'. SlideLizard creates two entries, please uninstall both of them to completely remove the application.

How can I deactivate SlideLizard for a presentation?

If you have already linked a presentation with SlideLizard, you can deactivate it by clicking 'Deactivate SlideLizard' in the ribbon menu.

Can my coworkers edit my SlideLizard presentation?

Other people can still edit your PowerPoint presentations as usual (slides, animations, etc.). However, they can't change SlideLizard related data (e.g. prepared polls, shared resources), because this information is only editable with your own SlideLizard account.

Do I need an internet connection during the presentation?

Yes, a stable internet connection is required for all SlideLizard related features (e.g. questions and polls). We will warn you if there is no connection, but you can still continue your presentation.

Do I need an internet connection to prepare my presentation?

Only when you want to edit SlideLizard related data (e.g. polls or shared resources). For everything else (e.g. editing your slides) no internet connection is required.

I can’t connect to a SlideLizard presentation. What’s the problem?

Please ensure that you have a stable internet connection and the correct Presentation Code. Please note, that Presentation Code is only valid during, and a few minutes after a presentation.

Can I answer questions after the presentation?

Yes, you can answer questions afterwards per E-Mail (if it wasn't anonymous). To do so, go to the questions section in the report view (SlideLizard ribbon > Feedback & Analytics).

Why aren’t my shared slides up to date?

Please ensure that you sync your slides (SlideLizard ribbon > Update shared slides) before you start the presentation.

Can I update my shared slides after the presentation?

No currently you can't. Your audience will see the version of your slides that you last synced prior to the presentation.

Can I update my shared content after the presentation?

Yes you can, all attendees will get the changes you make after a presentation.

Can I change my slides during a presentation?

No, currently you can't update the slides after you have started the presentation.

Can I use SlideLizard for remote meetings?

Yes definitely, SlideLizard is ideal for remote attendees! They can participate in polls, ask questions, view your slideshow and give you feedback. No matter where they are.

Can I exclude some of my slides from sharing them?

You can by using a small trick. Hide all your slides which you don't want to share and then sync them with SlideLizard (SlideLizard ribbon > Update shared slides). After that make all slides visible again and start the presentation (ignore the warnings that your slides aren't synced). Keep in mind that you'll need to do the same procedure every time you want to update something on your shared slides. Stay tuned for native support in an upcoming version of SlideLizard!

How can I delete my shared slides and SlideLizard presentations?

Please send us an E-Mail, we'll delete your presentation and all connected data (slides, questions, feedbacks, poll results, etc.) for you.

Is the PowerPoint integration legal?

Yes, the PowerPoint integration is completely legal and SlideLizard is even an official Microsoft-Partner.

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