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Mentimeter is known for its polling features and it also offers some Q&A abilities. However, it is still an expensive option for a tool that only supports polling and audience questions. SlideLizard, on the other hand, is an all-in-one package which also includes live slide sharing, audience feedback and sharing of additional documents as well as the speaker's contact info.

Moreover, it's natively built for PowerPoint and therefore offers a seamless workflow for preparing and giving interactive presentations. For example, SlideLizard extends the PowerPoint presenter view (this is the window shown on your second screen to control the presentation) to show incoming audience questions and to let the speaker get a glimpse on the poll results before everyone else.

Detailed comparison table

Live Polls
Live slide sharing
Native PowerPoint integration
Audience Feedback
Share additional documents
Share your contact information
Audience Analytics
Control presentation on 2nd screen
Collect audience E-Mails
Plans & PricingStarts at € 8.00 / MonthStarts at ~ € 9.99 / Month

Some data presented may be informed opinion, not fact. Comparison conducted in March 2019.

Overall, it’s intuitive interface, low-cost plan and zero training requirement makes SlideLizard not only user-friendly but also extremely affordable. So, amidst the Mentimeter alternatives available today, SlideLizard is definitely the tool to go for if you want a all-in-one package with a seamless PowerPoint integration and therefore it's an affordable, effective and efficient alternative to Mentimeter.

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AnalyticsNEWPowerPointIntegrationAudienceQ&AAudienceLive-PollsAudienceFeedbackLiveSlide SharingDocumentSharing

SlideLizard connects Presenters with their Audience

As presenter you use the SlideLizard PowerPoint-Plugin on your Laptop to share your presentation and interact with your audience. Attendees use their Smartphone to view your slides, vote in polls, ask questions, give feedback and access shared documents.

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Already used by

voestalpineReichl und PartnerStepOneKepler SocietyLeap ForwardTech2BChatvisor
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And hundreds of independent speakers worldwide!

Helmut Raml

Helmut Raml

Managing Director @ Reichl und Partner Werbeagentur

The direct interaction with the audience and the seamless integration of the PowerPoint presentation convinced us to use SlideLizard.

Michael Reiter

Michael Reiter

Speaker & Facebook Certified Professional

Live polls in my presentations are the perfect way to interact with my audience and to make real-time surveys or votings. Awesome!

Wolfgang Strasser

Wolfgang Strasser

Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional)

With large audiences I often saw people withholding their questions because they didn't want to speak out loud - since I use SlideLizard this is no problem anymore!

Hubert Preisinger

Hubert Preisinger

Business Consultant

SlideLizard is like a supercharge for PowerPoint. I love the seamless integration!

Margarete Durstberger

Margarete Durstberger

Hotel Manager

SlideLizard's slide share feature already saved me hours of tedious work!

Manfred Durstberger

Manfred Durstberger

Managing Director

I often recommend videos and books in my presentations. With SlideLizard this is as convenient as it gets for me, but also for the people watching!

Rebecca Hofbauer

Rebecca Hofbauer


Since I get regular feedback from my students on SlideLizard, I'm finally able to adjust my lessons to the better each week!

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